New Jersey

The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities provides funding for two fuel cell and combined heat and power programs, a small program (<1MW) and a large program (≥1MW).Both small and large programs are open enrollment with set budgets and program requirements. The programs vary in program administrator, budget allocation and system efficiency requirements. For the small program, a majority of the incentive is paid prior to operation (~80%); the remaining 20% is performance based. For the large program, the funding is not performance based; 100% is paid by the commercial operation date of the system.

New Jersey Resilience Bank, allocated with $200 million state budget, was formed to provide reliable distributed energy resources to critical facilities, with an early focus on water and wastewater treatment plant.

Projects in the small program can receive up to $2M or 60% of project cost.
Projects in the large program can receive up to $3M or 45% of project cost.

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