Secure, Resilient Energy

PureCell® Systems can provide electricity and heat completely independent from the utility grid,
keeping critical operations running in the face of power outages from manmade and natural disasters.


Energy When It Matters Most

In 2012, when Super Storm Sandy devastated the eastern seaboard, 23 PureCell® Systems in the region provided power in the face of massive black outs. A year earlier when a colossal winter storm hit Connecticut, knocking out utility power for more than ten days, PureCell® Systems provided non-stop power for three local emergency shelters. Also in 2011, when a blackout left thousands of San Diego area residents in the dark, a lone grocery store, powered by a PureCell Model 400, served as a beacon to an otherwise frightened community. PureCell Systems have been there for facilities when it mattered most.

PureCell Systems are a stark contrast to back-up diesel generators, which sit idle most of the year, are an incremental operating cost burden to an operation, and are maintained only to protect against an unfortunate occurence. PureCell Systems are an ongoing, cost savings energy strategy that stands resilient in the face of catastrophe. PureCell Systems offer freedom from the noise and pollution of a backup generator, and since they are fed by natural gas, they are largely insulated from the risks of scarce fuel availability.