Providing vital energy for healthy outcomes and a strong bottom line

“With fuel cells on each campus, it allows for a reliable power source on-site. In addition, the high efficiency of the power plants is a way to save energy while promoting a healthy environment.”

Robert J. Falaguerra
Vice President, Facilities, Support Services and Construction
Saint Francis Hospital and Medical Center

PureCell® systems are helping hospitals around the country control their costs for electricity and heat, while providing additional energy security for life-sustaining critical operations. In hospitals, a reliable source of electricity is required to keep the building running and for powering essentials such as MRIs, ICUs and operating rooms. The PureCell® system combined heat and power operation provides HVAC, sterilization, and domestic hot water, while simultaneously controlling costs and improving the operations’ sustainability metrics.

PureCell® healthcare customers include:

  • St. Francis Hospital and Medical Center in Hartford, Connecticut.
  • St. Helena’s Hospital in St. Helena, California.
  • Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Loma Linda, California.
  • Mt. Sinai Rehab Hospital in Hartford, CT