Energizing education with the science of clean energy technology

“One of our major objectives as an institution is reducing our carbon footprint. We were exploring means to generate clean, efficient energy on campus and the team at Doosan Fuel Cell was able to deliver an innovative and sustainable solution.”

Mun Choi
University of Connecticut

Educational institutions are energy-intensive campuses that must provide heat and electricity for student housing and staff offices as well as critical power to laboratories and research facilities. These institutions attempt to balance environmental impact with their power expense budgets to meet the expectations of their students, faculty and donors. Fuel cells are an ideal fit because they are easy to site next to buildings due to the virtual lack of pollutants, quiet operation, and modest space requirements.

Academic Institutions that are currently benefiting from PureCell® Systems include :

  • University of Connecticut.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Connecticut State University System.
  • Riverside(Calif.) Community College District.
  • Hamden High School
  • New Haven Public School