Data Centers & Telecom

Providing reliable and efficient energy solutions for mission-critical applications

“This is a natural evolution of our sustainability efforts and of our use of alternative energy to power a variety of our facilities. These projects will reduce our carbon footprint, relieve demand on the electrical grid and enhance the resiliency of our proven service continuity.”

James Gowen
Chief Sustainability Officer

Corporate initiatives are compelling the move to fuel cells and other clean technologies. Major corporate data centers have started to bypass grid power by combining fuel cells with onsite renewable power generation. Fuel cells are an ideal power source for data centers because they generate continuous high- quality, computer-grade power and are extremely reliable. In this market, assured power is an absolute necessity.

PureCell® customers in this category include:

  • Verizon, which installed 22 PureCell® fuel cells across several facilities in CA, NY and NJ
  • Cox Communications, which installed four fuel cells in CA operating on directed-biogas
  • The First National Bank of Omaha, PureCell®’s longest-standing data center customer, with 14 years
    of continuous fuel cell operation.