“In an age when there’s such an importance placed on the environmental impact of energy use, there’s nothing that comes close to the environmental superiority of fuel cells.”

Architect Bruce Becker
President, Becker + Becker

Real, clean energy solutions are often elusive for residential mixed-use buildings, including hotels and multi-tenant facilities. Real estate is a precious commodity and maintaining control over operating cost is essential to maintaining profitability. In these applications, PureCell® fuel cells are an ideal solution for delivering clean, dependable energy while managing costs. In addition to the generation of electricity using natural gas, many more benefits can be derived.

  • PureCell® fuel cells are up to 90% efficient when the waste-heat they generate is used for HVAC and domestic hot water heating.
  • PureCell® fuel cells are designed to enable deployment in virtually any environment. Rooftop, basement or adjacent to your facility, continuous power is available.

PureCell® Systems are currently in operation at numerous mixed-use buildings, including Becker + Becker’s multi-tenant sites in New York City and New Haven, Connecticut.