Posted on Aug 17, 2018

Doosan will supply 114 fuel cell units to a byproduct hydrogen fuel cell power plant

Doosan will supply 114 fuel cell units to a byproduct hydrogen fuel cell power plant

(Source:   August 17, 2018

Doosan announced on August 16th that Daesan Green Energy will supply 114 fuel cell units (total capacity of 50 MW) to the byproduct hydrogen fuel cell power plant constructed in Daesan Industrial Complex in Seosan, South Chungcheon Province and carry out long-term service projects.

The project contract amount is 416.1 million dollars. Daesan Green Energy is a special purpose company (SPC) that is participated by Doosan, Hanwha Energy, Dongseo Development, and SK Securities.

Byproduct hydrogen fuel cells are fuel cells that use hydrogen as fuel as a by-product of various chemical processes. The power plant, built by Daesan Green Energy, is the world’s first byproduct hydrogen fuel power plant and will produce 400,000 MWh of electricity annually, which can be supplied to 170,000 households in Seosan area after its completion in 2020.

Doosan developed the fuel cells of the byproduct hydrogen plant by using a unique technique in 2017. Doosan has worked closely with South Korean suppliers such as increasing the localization ratio of major parts such as separator plates and super modules to 98%. Over the past three years, 2600 participants from 46 partner companies participated. Furthermore, Doosan is planning to supply the fuel cells sequentially from the fourth quarter of this year. Hydrogen fuel cells do not have any materials such as Nitric Oxide (NOx), Sulfur Oxide (SOx), greenhouse gases or dust that contribute to fine dust.

The byproduct hydrogen power plant is still at the 1MW level in developed countries. Moreover, the plant is the world’s largest with a maximum output of 50 MW, and it is receiving much attention from Europe, China, and Japan.

 “This project is meaningful because it is the largest since the company entered the fuel cell business. Now, in the early stages of the byproduct hydrogen fuel cell market, Doosan and its partner companies will have a technological competitive edge and become an important opportunity to lead the global market,” said an official at Doosan.

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