Posted on Nov 5, 2015

Doosan Fuel Cell Closes Second Deal in Two Weeks with a South Korean Utility

Doosan Fuel Cell Closes Second Deal in Two Weeks with a South Korean Utility

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Agreement partners Korea Western Power, an LG affiliate and Doosan, which will provide 11 clean energy fuel cells to power nearly 3,000 homes in port city of Incheon.

Connecticut’s Doosan Fuel Cell has finalized a partnership with Korea Western Power and Serveone, an LG affiliated company, to manufacture 11 fuel cells (five megawatts) in its South Windsor, Connecticut, production facility. Once installed, the PureCell® Model 400 power plants will generate clean electricity for nearly 3,000 homes in the Seoul suburb of Incheon. This is the second major agreement that Doosan has announced with a Korean utility in the last two weeks.

“Our significant recent growth in Korea, as well as in the U.S., is helping pave our path for expansion in the global fuel cell market,” says Doosan President and CEO Jeff Chung. “Hydrogen-based fuel cell technology is beginning to receive worldwide acceptance as a cleaner, quieter, more efficient alternative to conventional fossil fuel-based generation.”

The 11 power plants – which will occupy barely one-quarter acre, compared to solar panels requiring 38 acres to generate the same amount of electricity – will be installed at Korea Western Power’s new plant in the port city of Incheon and will be operational in April 2016. Following its recent deal with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP), Korea’s largest utility, as well as earlier installations, Doosan will now be responsible for 129 fuel cell power plants that equate to 50 MW of power generation throughout Korea. One reason for the accelerated conversion to fuel cells that minimize greenhouse emissions is all utility companies in South Korea must adhere to renewable portfolio standards (similar to 29 U.S. states), which require clean energy integration throughout the country.

About Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. 

Doosan Fuel Cell America, Inc. (Doosan) is a subsidiary of Doosan Corporation, a South Korea-based industrial company founded in 1896 that has current operations in 38 countries and has been a Fortune Global 2000 company since 2007. Doosan, headquartered in South Windsor, Connecticut, designs, engineers and manufactures fuel cells for commercial and industrial applications. Formed in July 2014 following Doosan Corporation’s acquisition of ClearEdge Power (formerly UTC Power), Doosan is the U.S. arm of the Doosan Fuel Cell Business Group and focuses on 440-kilowatt phosphoric acid fuel cells capable of supplying combined heat and power to building and utility systems. With its growing team, and focus on innovation and technology leadership, Doosan’s stated vision is to be the global leader in the fuel cell industry. For more information about Doosan, please visit

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