Posted on Sep 4, 2015

Doosan helps Norco College reach clean energy goals, reduce water consumption

Doosan helps Norco College reach clean energy goals, reduce water consumption

(Source: Today’s Energy Solutions)

South Windsor, Connecticut – Doosan Fuel Cell announces its newest fuel cell installation at Norco College, which is part of the Riverside California Community College District. The PureCell Model 400 power plant – a key element in the college’s plans to increase control over its energy mix is expected to reduce overall costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions at the 141-acre campus.

Unlike conventional grid energy that consumes water for cooling, Doosan’s fuel cell operates with zero water consumption, reducing the campus’ impact on water usage in the drought-stricken region by 1.4 million gallons annually. The fuel cell installation comes on the heels of California Gov. Jerry Brown mandating a 25% reduction of water usage in the Golden State.

“We are devoted to fostering environmental responsibility and sustainability among our student body, while controlling energy costs,” said Laurens Thurman, consultant of facilities planning and development for the Riverside Community College District. “Additionally, with the ongoing water shortage crisis in California, the fact that we’re now able to conserve water, compared to the grid generated energy, is an added benefit. Our partnership with Doosan will provide cleaner power, allowing us to take control of our college’s energy portfolio while minimizing water consumption on campus. ”

The Norco College installation, which is slated to provide 60% of the campus’s average daily requirements for electricity, represents the 25th Doosan PureCell system in California. In total, Doosan, a Connecticut-based provider of fuel cell power systems, is supplying more than 10MW of energy capacity (enough to power more than 7,500 U.S. households) and an estimated annual water savings of 35 million gallons (enough water to fill 55 Olympic-sized swimming pools.)

“Fuel cell technology is a burgeoning energy alternative on college campuses across the country, offering clean, predictable onsite power,” said Kent McCord, director of marketing with Doosan. “Our PureCell systems are proven best-of-breed in this segment. They offer reliability, with 98% system uptime across our deployed base – a performance unmatched in the fuel cell industry – and the ability to convert waste heat into chilled water for space cooling. This combination of benefits makes the PureCell system a complete clean energy solution for colleges and universities.”

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